The Legislative Decree 152/06 established the creation of the Italian Register of Environmental Operators, held by the Ministry of environment and protection of land and sea. Operators who carry out waste transportation activities, have to underwrite a special bond in favour of the Ministry of environment and protection of land and sea in order to be listed in the register. Registration is mandatory. The Register is divided into categories on the basis of the type of activity performed and the amount of waste transported.

Olimpia MGA S.r.l. underwrites bonds for the following categories:

  • Urban hazadous waste (cat. 1)
  • Hazardous waste (cat. 5)
  • Trade of waste products without possession (cat. 8).

The duration of the bonds is 5 years plus 2 additional years which offer the Beneficiary an extension only in relation to faults of the operator occurred during the first 5 years.

If the operator is registered with Emas – according to EU regulation n. 1221/2009 – or is in possession of UNI EN ISO 14001, it can benefit of a reduction of the sum insured respectively of 50% and 40%.

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