Surety bonds to guarantee tenders and procurement abroad

Olimpia MGA S.r.l., Managing General Agent Leader in Italy, has developed a division of professionals that for years have been offering insurance products and services to the Construction Industry for abroad constructions.

Olimpia MGA assists his Clients in:

  • evaluation and analysis of risks in Countries where they already operate or in which they wish to start new constructions;
  • development of projects in each of their phases, from the offer and the design, to the realization and administration of the construction, offering the guarantees needed to participate, to the tenders and to the execution of the contracts, carrying out an activity of analysis of the risks and of the different liabilities of the subjects included in the contracts to ensure an appropriate insurance cover;
  • management of claims by experts;

Olimpia MGA represents Companies located in several different countries all over the continents

Some examples of offered products:

  • bid bonds (to guarantee the offer)
  • performance bond (to guarantee for the execution of the contract)
  • advance payments bond (to guarantee of the anticipated payments received from the Clients)
  • retention bond (to guarantee the release of the contractual retentions)
  • C.A.R. Contractor All Risk and Erection All Risk (complete cover for all the construction risks and/or erection of the object of the contract, included the tools used on the construction site)
  • third party liability insurance (cover for the third party liability for the enterprise and for damages to a third party)
  • workman compensation insurance (cover for the employees’ injuries during work activity)
  • other insurance products created for the specific needs of the Client

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