Surety insurance guarantees, also known as SURETY BONDS, are a form of particularly convenient guarantee for economic operators. They are recognised as valid both by public entities and by private subjects and are taken out to comply with legal or contractual obligations.

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Bid bonds

They allow the participation to public tenders for the awarding of contracts related to works, supply or services guaranteeing the enforcement of...

Performance bonds (“D.M. 123/2004-1.2/1.3/1.4”)

Insures the exact fulfillment of the obligations arising from the contract signed between the Insured and a public contracting authority. When a...

Surety bonds to guarantee tenders and procurement abroad

Olimpia MGA S.r.l., Managing General Agent Leader in Italy, has developed a division of professionals that for years have been offering insurance...

Construction bonds

On July 6th, 2005 it was published in the Official Journal the Legislative Decree n. 122 approved on June 20th 2005 which enforced Law n. 210/2004...

National register for environmental management companies bonds

The Legislative Decree 152/06 established the creation of the Italian Register of Environmental Operators, held by the Ministry of environment and...

Customs bonds

Policies for the deferred payment of custom duties, imports and other custom operations.

Grant bonds

Regional, State or European authorities may finance some activities such as research and innovation, new companies, traineeships and workshops...

Urbanization bonds

The Italian law requests that, in regard to a planning permission application, fees are paid to the local council. These policies guarantee that...

VAT refund bonds

In case on the basis of the annual VAT declaration, by means of which Companies declare the amount of VAT paid to the State, it appears that part...

Surety bonds to guarantee operations of waste disposal and/or recovery

Italy has implemented ECC directives nn. 91/156 on general waste, 91/689 on hazardous waste and 94/62 on packaging waste through specific laws...

Balance payment

II Garante si impegna nei confronti della Stazione appaltante, nei limiti della somma garantita, alla restituzione totale o parziale della rata di...

Surety bonds to guarantee restoration works in mining activities

Mining company are obliged to guarantee the respect of the obligations referred to the preservation of the territory where they operate. Currently...


for ``AA.PP.`` surety bonds

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